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Mersive (Kentucky) Secures Financing to Scale Growth of Visual Computing Software That Enables Affordable High Performance Displays (11/16/2010)

November 18, 2010

Mersive Technologies develops display management software allowing visual collaboration to go mainstream. Christopher Jaynes and Stephen Webb founded Mersive in 2006 as an offshoot of academic research started by Jaynes in 2000 at the University of Kentucky.

From the company’s press release:
Mersive Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of visual computing software that creates and manages high performance displays, today announced new financing from Adena Ventures and Hopewell Ventures. The financing supports expansion of Mersive’s early success in government and military agencies and growth in markets that also rely on advanced computer visualization, such as consumer packaged goods, oil and gas and product engineering. read full press release


Mersive Technologies (Kentucky) Introduces M-Series, First Large Format, Beyond-HD Display that Delivers Simplified, Low Cost Collaborative Visualization (9/13/2010)

September 28, 2010

Mersive Technologies is a University of Kentucky spinoff that develops display management software allowing visual collaboration to go mainstream.

Mersive Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of beyond-HD display management solutions, today announced the M-Series, an 11-megapixel display that delivers a 157 inch diagonal image while using a footprint that is only 24 inches deep. The result is an image that is almost six times the resolution of HD in a turnkey solution that enables collaborative visualization for demanding applications including engineering design, business planning, command and control, teleconferencing, and scientific visualization. At less than two feet deep, the M-Series lowers the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for room reconfiguration and specialized HVAC and building infrastructure. The M-Series can be maintained by IT or business staff which further reduces support cost and increases usability. The M-Series accomplishes this by utilizing Mersive’s SOL Harmony display management software engine that automatically aligns, color balances, and maintains image quality across multiple projectors throughout the life of the display. [read more]