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Spin Transfer Technologies (NYU) Announces First Orthogonal Spin Transfer MRAM Devices Using MTJ Read-Out (11/17/2010)

November 18, 2010

Spin Transfer Technologies develops and commercializes its orthogonal spin transfer magnetoresistive random access memory (OST-MRAM) technology. The technology was developed from research conducted in Professor Andrew Kent’s laboratory at NYU.

From the company’s press release:
Spin Transfer Technologies is pleased to announce at the 55th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials the first STT-MRAM device deploying the company’s proprietary orthogonal spin transfer technology with a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) for memory state read-out. The introduction of the MTJ element makes the memory device compatible with CMOS logic, and takes the orthogonal spin transfer technology a major step closer to commercialization. read full press release


ALEKS (NYU, UCI) Course Products for Grades 3-12 Now Correlated with Common Core State Standards (8/31/2010)

September 8, 2010

ALEKS is a NYU- and UCI-based spinoff developing educational software.

ALEKS Corporation, a leading provider of K-12, Higher Education, and Consumer Web-based assessment and learning solutions for mathematics, announced today that its course products for grades 3-12 are now correlated to the Common Core State Standards. The ALEKS correlation with the Common Core State Standards offers detailed PDF correlations, as well as online reporting for grades 3-8 to provide teachers and administrators with a precise view of student, class, school, and district progress toward mastery of the mathematics standards. [read more]