OmniGuide (MIT) Announces Expansion into Gynecology Market with the Availability of the BeamPath®-GYN CO2 Laser Fiber (12/7/2010)

OmniGuide Inc. designs and manufactures precise optical laser scalpels. One of the company’s co-founders is MIT Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor Yoel Fink, who serves as OmniGuide’s Chairman and previously served as the company’s CEO.

From the company’s press release:
OmniGuide, Inc., a company pioneering flexible CO2 laser fibers for precision surgery, today announced it has expanded its BeamPath® CO2 laser fiber technology into the Gynecology (GYN) market with the availability of the flexible BeamPath-GYN. The BeamPath-GYN fiber is designed to enhance the safety and precision needed by surgeons in gynecology and is suitable for procedures such as laparoscopic endometriosis treatment, lower genital condyloma and dysplasia, and myomectomy. read full press release


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