SensAble Technologies (MIT) Names Core 3D Centres As a Worldwide SensAble Authorized Dental Milling Center Partner (10/19/2010)

SensAble Technology develops 3D touch-enabled technology that has evolved from research conducted at MIT by Thomas Massie and Dr. Kenneth Salisbury.

SensAble Technologies Inc., a leading provider of dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, 3D modeling software and haptic devices, has named Core 3D Centres, a global supplier of digital manufacturing services to dental laboratories, as a SensAble Authorized Milling Center partner. As a multinational firm with 5 facilities serving over 500 laboratories in 13 countries, Core3D Centres will provide milling services for dental restorations in a variety of materials directly from digital design files created by the SensAble Dental Lab System. The partnership significantly expands SensAble’s network of localized production centers, and assures that SensAble’s customers around the globe have the choice, convenience and expertise they need to deliver precise, high quality milled restorations without the overhead required to have equipment and staff in-house. read more


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