Geosemble (USC) a standout in DARPA 2010 Success Report

Geosemble Technologies is a USC spinoff that provides automatic techniques for bringing dynamic content to aerial imagery.

Geosemble® Technologies, Inc. has been highlighted in a recent report by the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) as a uniquely capable company in the development and commercialization of technology for delivering textual content to geospatial imagery and maps. The report provides information on the technology, commercialization, and customers and provides lessons learned as part of the commercialization process. “Our DARPA program was very important in helping us develop the right geo-faceted technology that today helps organizations search, discover and manage text information geographically”, said Andre Doumitt, Geosemble’s CEO. “What we discovered is that about 80% of online content has a geographic component, and we estimate that over half of that number has no address or latitude-longitude information. That’s the content area we focus on and that’s where we deliver value to our customers,” he said. The DARPA report goes on to highlight that Geosemble took important commercialization steps to ensure adoption across commercial and government customers, starting with a detailed analysis of the customers’ work flows and data challenges. [read more]

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