Chromatin, Inc. (Chicago) and Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. Collaborate to Develop Gene Stacking Technology for Soybean (9/16/2010)

Chromatin is a University of Chicago spinoff that develops and markets technologies and products that benefit the agricultural, energy, chemical, nutritional, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Chromatin, Inc. announced today an extension of its research and commercial license agreement with Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. for corn and soybeans for Chromatin’s proprietary gene stacking technology.

The agreement furthers a three-year relationship between the two companies. Under a 2007 agreement, Syngenta obtained non-exclusive rights to use Chromatin’s gene stacking technology for trait genes in corn and soybeans, and in 2009, Syngenta obtained exclusive worldwide research and commercial license rights to that technology for use in sugar cane. Today, Chromatin announces that they have launched activities to further develop gene stacking technology for soybean applications. [read more]


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