SensAble’s (MIT) FreeForm Enables Virtual Surgical Planning For LEAP Foundation’s Groundbreaking Facial Transformation of 5-Year Old Boy (9/8/2010)

SensAble Technologies is an MIT spinoff that develops 3D touch-enabled technology.

SensAble Technologies, a leader in 3D modeling solutions and haptic devices, announced that its customer, MedCAD, a digital medical modeling service bureau in Dallas TX, helped doctors at the LEAP Foundation of Dallas rehearse a complex facial reconstruction surgery virtually, on a common laptop,, for a 5-year old boy with hypertelorism, a congenital misalignment of the face involving a cleft nose, skull and palate. Thanks to MedCAD’s ability to render 3D models of complex surgical options and then digitally design custom surgical guides on a 3D printer, Dr. Craig Hobar, co-founder and chief surgeon of the LEAP Foundation, was able to plan the complex 7-hour surgery with heightened speed and precision. The surgery was successful and placed the young Chinese orphan on a pathway to a restored appearance that accompanied his new life in an adoptive home in the United States. [read more]


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