Vivisimo’s (CMU) Information Optimization Platform Velocity Recipient of KMWorld’s 2010 Trend-Setting Product Award (8/31/2010)

Vivisimo is a CMU spinoff that provides information optimization services.

Vivisimo, a leader in information optimization, today announced that the exponentially growing pool of employee-generated data is estimated to be costing U.S. businesses $1.5 trillion in lost worker productivity as a result of people spending additional time looking for the information they need to do their job both within and outside their organizations. According to analyst firm IDC, every week employees spend nearly half their work week (or 20 hours) trying to find the right information. 75% of employees complain about information overload and 45% are reportedly overwhelmed by all the information. Moreover, IDC predicts that the amount of information will continue to grow exponentially, upwards to 65% every year.1 As a recipient of KMWorld’s 2010 Trend-Setting Product Award, Vivisimo’s Velocity platform has been tasked with the responsibility to not only help reduce millions of dollars in lost-worker productivity but better enable those organizations to use that information to increase sales. [read more]


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