Impinj’s (Caltech) Monza Tags and Speedway Readers Part of Raftar’s “Risk-Free” RFID Pilot (8/23/2010)

Impinj is a Caltech spinoff that develops UHF Gen 2 RFID solutions.

Raftar, a provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) and mobile application based logistics and distribution solutions for medical device manufacturers and distributors today announced a “Risk-Free” way for qualified medical device companies to prove RFID will streamline sales and distribution operations for their business.

In the limited time offer, Raftar will deliver pilot participants a full bundle consisting of the Raftar Software Suite—its RFID-based warehouse and mobile, field service automation software—and will manage the entire 90-day pilot process from implementation and training through to successful completion. The RFID solution provided by Raftar will utilize Impinj’s high performance Monza® tags and Speedway® readers. The “Risk-Free RFID” pilot will enable qualified companies to deploy an RFID-based case scheduling and inventory management and tracking solution that extends from a selected warehouse location to the point of consumption at the hospital in the field, with no up-front investment. [read more]

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