Wombat Security Technologies (CMU) and West Liberty University Join Forces to Combat Social Networking Attacks (7/29/2010)

Wombat Security Technologies is a CMU spinoff focusing on cyber security training and filtering.

West Liberty University recognized an alarming trend when their users started to receive phishing messages that appeared to come from social networking sites such as Facebook. After reviewing available solutions, they turned to Wombat Security Technologies’ Software-as-a Service (SaaS) application PhishGuru to train their users on how to avoid falling for fraudulent emails. Using PhishGuru, West Liberty University crafted a first email training campaign simulating a Facebook security alert asking users to click a link to update their privacy settings. When the user clicked on the fake phishing link, instead of being phished, the user was shown a training cartoon describing phishing and preventive strategies. By taking advantage of the teachable moment that occurs when users realize that they just fell for an attack, PhishGuru teaches users important cyber security concepts and effective strategies to protect themselves. This approach to training has been shown to be significantly more effective than traditional training methods. [read more]


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