This blog’s purpose is reporting news from companies that were founded either: (1) by professors or students at a university, or (2) by licensing technology developed at a university. Examples of these types of companies include:

  • Bose (Prof. Amar Bose at MIT),
  • Broadcom (Prof. Henry Samueli and his gradaute student Dr. Henry Nicholas at UCLA),
  • Gatorade (Dr. Robert Cade of the University of Florida Gators),
  • Google (co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were graduate students at Stanford),
  • Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg was a student at Harvard), and
  • A123Systems (Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang at MIT), which went IPO in September 2009.

University spinoffs have been discussed in multiple places. For instance, the topic has been discussed in academic papers by Prof. Ed Roberts at MIT, in Ph.D. dissertations by Prof. David Hsu and Robert Lowe, a book by Prof. Scott Shane, and a blog by David B. Lerner. However, following these companies from their spinoff out of the university to the their buyouts or IPOs has been challenging. That is the gap that this blog will fill.

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